Abkhazia Security Profiles

The tropical region of Abkhazia was called the jewel in the crown of the USSR. With jaw dropping mountains rolling into the sparkling waters of the Black Sea and palm tree lined streets of grand, Tsarist era buildings backing onto lush tropical gardens, the unmatched beauty of the region made it the vacation destination of choice for the Soviet elite, including Josef Stalin himself. 

During the collapse of the USSR, Abkhazia erupted into a blood soaked ethnic conflict which saw thousands slaughtered in brutal urban warfare and ethnic cleansing. Today, Abkhazia is a renegade state surviving on cash flow from Russia. The country is a fascinating, post-apocalyptic time warp back to the Soviet Union and offers film and documentary makers an abundance of unique opportunities such as abandoned war torn cities, miles of untouched tropical coastline.

Security situation in Abkhazia:

Due to international isolation and the aftermath of the Abkhazian civil war, the republic remains unstable and whilst the regions North of the capital are largely safe, the area South towards the border and the Koduri gorge remain problematic and less law abiding. However, Pioneer Media has a resident close protection team who can provide security services (LINK) for the duration of a shoot and allow unhindered access to the country.

Access for filmmakers and journalists in Abkhazia:

Entry to Abkhazia for foreign citizens requires a visa and permission, luckily Pioneer Media have been operating in the region for a number of years and can guarantee entry permits, journalist and film permits. We will deal with all the bureaucracy. Similarly, we can arrange film logistics within the country at ease. Staff and translators can be found for very affordable rates.