Pioneer Media is a film production, location, and logistics company offering a full range of services in some of the world’s hardest to reach destinations.

Drawing on years of collective experience in facilitating media productions in unique and exotic destinations, Pioneer Media is the go-to for production crews looking for cost-saving production solutions, one-of-a-kind film locations, and news-media looking to access extraordinary stories. 

Concentrating on Eastern Europe, Africa, the Middle East,  Southeast Asia, and Oceania, we provide crews where there are no crews!



Justin Martell Bio



Justin has produced 13 feature films, as well television content for networks such as AMC, Viacom and STARZ, including the hit SHUDDER “The Last Drive-In with Joe Bob Briggs” which is currently in its 7th season. He has also worked as a producer for international documentary and short form content shoots for clients ranging from YouTube influencer MrBeast to UN Women. Justin recently produced the documentary “Tiny Tim: King for a Day,” narrated by “Weird Al” Yankovic.

Pioneer Productions

Seager Dixon Bio


Production Manager

Born in the Florida Keys, Seager Dixon currently resides in New York City after graduating from Pratt Institute with a BA in Film. As a production manager, he specializes in keeping projects moving forward on time and within budget, regardless of the location or time zone. He has both domestic and international experience with narrative, documentary, and reality production formats. When he isn’t working he enjoys science fiction short stories and deadlifting. If the project calls for some “work in the trenches” he’ll be the first one in the mud.


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