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Pioneer Media have an experienced international security department who specialise in high risk and hostile environments. Whilst our main tasks are international protection services for news correspondents, film crews and journalists we are also often called upon to provide security teams for business executives, NGO staff and VIP’s. We understand that global security concerns are increasingly complex and we always design a bespoke, discreet service for each individual client.

Our team includes a mixture of British close protection and liaison officers with extensive conflict zone experience and who meet the Security Industry Authority (SIA) criteria for level three close protection with advanced medical and HEAT training. Alongside our British team we also employee local intelligence officers who can provide up to date information at ground level in any given location around the world. Our security staff can be deployed individually or as part of a team. Their expertise includes travel management, logistical planning, crisis management and emergency coordination.

Why Choose Pioneer Media Security?

  • We are able to provide rapid armed deployment worldwide at a moment’s notice.
  • Skilled threat analysis for advance preparations and planning.
  • Over ten years of experience has given us the ability to collect real-time global intelligence through an extensive list of local contacts in various countries.
  • Vetted and discreet security specialists with medical, weapons and security qualifications and experience in hostile environments across the world.
  • Language and lifestyle considerations are always taken into account during pre-task analysis. Female security officers can be provided upon request.
  • We only hire operatives who are multilingual in order for them to carry out international work in the most comprehensive way.
  • We are able to provide a vetted and emergency trained driver which can be further enhanced by the use of an escort vehicle and additional close protection operatives should an elevated security profile be required.

Frequently Asked Questions: (click to expand)


Yes, a comfortable and secure vehicle or vehicles will always be readily available during each deployment and will be included in the cost of a security team.

Yes, we understand the need for discretion from some of our clients and can provide a comprehensive confidentiality contract with ease.

Yes, all of our team members are thoroughly vetted to carry out security operations. We do not allow anybody with a criminal record or obscure history to join our team. All of our security team are trained extensively with a variety of weapons systems and will provide discreet, legal armed deployment when required.

Our security team has carried out successful protection operations in high risk areas around the world. From FARC territory in Colombia and Middle Eastern warzones to unrecognized countries and political hotspots.

We can provide CV’s of our security personnel but all private details will be censored to protect the identity of our staff and to ensure they are able to operate in future discreetly.

We specialise in travel logistics and can arrange secure transfers between cities, countries or continents with ease. Whilst our default mode of transport is via a secure vehicle, the choice of transport is ultimately your choice and can involve flights, trains or boats.

All first aid equipment, weapons (if required by our team), communications equipment and vehicles are included in the final quote.

Case Studies and Security Profiles


We list the previous case studies, and security profiles to offer a sample of our previous work, and expertise. If you are interested in traveling to a destination not listed, or you would like a security report on any other place, please feel free to get in touch.

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