Shoot Recap: Pioneer Media ECancer TV Shoot – Shanghai, China

Through its local partner contacts in China, and in accordance with current COVID-19 safety requirements as well as permitting regulations of the People’s Republic of China, Pioneer Media coordinated a local crew to shoot a conference held by at the Shanghai International Conference Center. The two camera shoot entailed filming the remarks of as well as additional interviews with the conference’s speakers, as well as B-roll of the event. 
From Jon Birch,‘s Head of Video and News:

“We worked with Pioneer Media on a shoot in Shanghai in May, 2021. The shoot changed in both location and date during the pre-production process but they accommodated our changing plans and we got high quality footage back which we were very pleased with. We filmed a mix of interviews and B-Roll for a medical news web TV production. The process was smooth, communication was good, and the footage was sent back to us very quickly. We would be happy to recommend them to anyone.” 

Pioneer Media are able to facilitate film permits for visiting documentary, commercial and narrative filmmakers seeking to film in China. 

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