Potential 25% Cash Rebate for International Productions in Bulgaria

Countries throughout the world have taken economic hits due to their respective COVID19 shutdowns. Hoping to offset these woes and bring in more international productions, the Bulgarian National Film Center plans to introduce a 25% cash rebate. Despite being one of the last European countries without such rebate, the Bulgarian film industry has grown dramatically over the last decade. With the new rebate, the BNFC expects that grow to continue.

Individual production rebates are expected to be capped at €1mil ($1.18mil.) Once final approval is given by the government, the BFNC would then be given €12mil to invest in both local and co-productions for 2021.

Even before incentive talks began, productions like London Has Fallen with Gerard Butler and The Hitman’s Bodyguard series with Ryan Reynolds made great use of the bustling Bulgarian film industry. The rebate is expected to push Bulgaria further into the spotlight as a production powerhouse.

For more information on filming in Bulgaria, please check out our Bulgaria landing page.

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