Produced in Albania: “Castle Freak” to be Released on VOD in December

In 2019, Pioneer Media provided production services and resources for the remake of the horror classic “Castle Freak,” produced by star of the original film, Barbara Crampton. Special effects wizard and “Face Off” reality tv star, Tate Steinsiek, took the helm as director.

As reported by, “Castle Freak” will make its long-awaited debut December 3rd on streaming platform Shudder, followed by a wide VOD release on December 4th.

The film was shot entirely in Albania and stars Clair Catherine, Jake Horowitz, Chris Galust and Emily Sweet.

Pioneer Media not only provided production services but were able to bring these services to one-of-a-kind locations like the Pyramid of Tirana and Gjirokastër Fortress. Over 90 percent of the crew was locally sourced in Albania including the director of photography, production designer, costume designer, hair/beauty makeup department, and the entire camera/grip/electric department.

Check out “Castle Freak” everywhere VOD is available on December 4th to see firsthand what Pioneer Media can provide for you.

For more information on filming in Albania, please visit our Albania landing page.

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